Hu Xinran

Since from 1994, she has provided various legal services for hundreds of enterprises. She focuses on company law and real estate law, accumulating lots of experience especially in equity structure, company listing, finance and investment, three old transformation (literally means the transformation of old towns, factories and villages), urban renewal and PPP.As an expert in old city renovation, Hu was invited by lawyer associations in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xi’an, Nanjing and Lanzhou to give a lecture for other lawyers.

Pang Zhibo

He is IEEE Senior Member, elected as Vice Chairman of Optimization Technique Subcommittee, Industrial Electronics Society, IEE.   He leads in IIOT and Industry 4.0 research, especially related to aspects such as industry wireless sensor network, high precision indoor positioning, IP communication convergence, wearable devices, multi-core and many-core processor and business ecosystem as well as solutions to intelligent healthy home, home healthcare, building automation, smart factory, smart grid and etc..

Chen Hong

Meanwhile, Ms. Chen is chair of product design program, deputy director of the Art and Design Institute, member of International Exchange Committee, manager of International Projects, School of Art Design and Media, East China University of Science and Technology, visiting professor of the Second University of Naples, Italy and visiting scholar of Northumbria University, UK. Her main research areas cover product innovation, product strategy and integrated system design and development, service design and healthcare product development.

Zhong Daidi

Project leader, The United Nations world health organization (WHO) Standard project leader, the UN's international telecommunication union (ITU) Member of the international organization for Standardization (ISO) The president of the international health equipment standards committee (IEEE 11073-PHD WG) Director of the International Association of electrical and Electronic Engineers Association (IEEE-SASB).

Chang Yongheng

Member of Beijing Bio-medical Engineering Institute,Vice director of the committee of China Association of Gerontology Osteoporosis,Senior member of Chinese pharmaceutical association.

Gao Yanjie

Since 1983, the YanjieGao engaged in the information management to promote health industry for more than 20 years. She is familiar with national information policy and standard, and the application progress of the domestic and foreign health information technology. She also masters solid theory and system engineering method, with rich experience in management practice.

Hector Lui

Since July of 2014 : Hector Lui appoint to associate director of Continua China. He is represent Continua in China 2007 – Present : President and CEO, Medipromos (BeiJing) company limited (Beijing, China) 2000 – 2007: Executive Vice President, ChinaECNet company limited. (Beijing, China) 1996 – 2000: Vice President, First Internet Alliance San Jose Inc. (San Jose, CA, USA).

Liu Xin

In 2005, he joined Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and engaged in service, sales, marketing and other key positions. He is currently responsible for Huawei IOT connection management platform of strategic planning and business development. He has a profound understanding to the key technology and the development tendency of network of things .

Lv Songdong

Lv Songdong is a senior engineer of wireless authentication test field, engaging in the research work in the field of wireless access technology.He actively promote and participate in the standardization, testing, certification and industrialization of Continua, Bluetooth, WiFi, WiMAX and other wireless access technology in China.

Xiao Dan

Xiao Dan has 10 years working experience in high-tech companies in siliconvalley, and the executive experience of the domestic and foreign research and development, marketing team management.