CATTC has a technology transfer collaboration network covering China and ASEAN. Its members include ASEAN countries' technology transfer centers, service intermediaries, supporting service agencies, and China-ASEAN Technology Transfer Industry Alliance.
PRAXI Network is a mature technology transfer organization with long-term experience in assisting Greek SMEs and research organizations to achieve cross-border technology cooperation.
ASEM Water Resources Research and Development Center combines the resources of ASEM member countries in the field of water resources research and utilization. It is a permanent scientific and technological cooperation research institution established in China under the operation of the ASEM mechanism.
CETC-ISA is to restructure the scientific and technological innovation system of the group company, further strengthen basic and cutting-edge information technology research, coordinate the internal and external research forces, and lead and support the development of the electronic information industry.
CITTC is a specialized international technology transfer service platform; the only national-level international technology transfer promotion agency; a window into China for advanced technology and business models; a bridge to connect Chinese industries and international innovation resources.
ICI is an open and innovative cooperation platform jointly initiated and established by domestic and foreign science and technology parks, incubators and institutions engaged in innovation and entrepreneurship services.
The main tasks of CITTC are to promote the docking of high-tech enterprises between China and Italy's science and technology parks, promote technology transfer and innovation cooperation between the two countries, and explore new models of China-Italy technology cooperation.
CSTTC is committed to promoting technology transfer cooperation between China and countries in South Asia, providing high-quality services and promoting innovation cooperation in the region.
ITTN promotes the international exchange and interworking of technology, talents and capital through international technology exchange and trading platforms, and promotes international technology transfer and industrialization cooperation.
CAM is dedicating itself to realizing the revitalization of the national manufacturing industry, has become a part of China STI system and an important force in innovation-driving development of manufacturing industry.
CASA is a new organization providing comprehensive innovation services for wide band gap semiconductors and related emerging industries.