Zhang Xiuying

Zhang Xiuying, She used to be the deputy director of the Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun Haidian Science Park, chief of International Cooperation Division and head of Foreign Affairs Service Center of HSP. She was also the founder of HSP’s International Department and has been head of it for 25 years.  Working experience: ZHANG is the only designer who has been engaged in STPs’ shift from international to internet thinking for 10 years, accumulating rich experience for global innovation. She takes the lead in establishing iBridge, a one-stop service platform that combines Web 2.0 technologies into government affairs. The platform has been supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China.  Dedicated in her work, her spirit has been widely appraised and won international reputation in the innovation circle. With all those efforts and achievements: She was titled“ Honorary Doctorate of Letters” by IBC in 2013, won “Lifetime Achievement Award” in STP management and innovation from The World Congress of Arts, Sciences and Communications In 2012, and Selected the “international expert on STP management ”by IASP in 2012 (18 experts from 10 countries worldwide),she was elected as an advanced individual on the 20th anniversary of National Science and Technology Program (Torch Program) by Ministry of Science and Technology  in 2009

Zhang Xiuying
Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun Haidian Science Park
International Management Expert