Integration innovation service elements, docking technology innovation cooperation of professional services

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Project docking

To make full use of its advantages on science and technology renovations, Asian-Europe Centre facilitates speedy dockings of suppliers and demanders through on-line platform and offline services.

Organizing activities

Asian-Europe Centre carries out effective promotional activities with the help of its Branch-Centers and coordinative partners through the assistance of 53 liaison offices in different member states in Asia and Europe.

Training services

With substantial supports from governments, Asia-Europe Centre gathers high-tech renovations, science and technology services and top experts in this region to undertake all kinds of training services.

Regional cooperation

With great cooperative potentials on science and technology renovations among Asian-Europe countries, Asian-Europe Centre coordinates the resources of different liaison offices and member states to promote effective cooperation within the area.

Popularization and expanding scientific-technological achievements

With its geographic advantages of liaison offices in different member states and professional advantages on different fields and industries, Asian-Europe Centre promotes the popularization of products and achievements effectively.

Intellectual Property Rights

With the help of liaison offices, full supports from local governments are assured and Asian-Europe Centre facilitates the application and protection of Intellectual Property rights effectively.

Top talents

With Liaison Offices in different member states and Branch-Centers in different fields and industries, Asian-Europe Centre could organize top talents in different states and different fields to participate in science and technology renovation.

Service process

Contact information

ASEM cooperation centre for science technology and innovation will stick to the principle of “innovative developments; Cross-field collaborations; Openness and Tolerance; Mutual benefits” ; the Centre is aimed at promoting and carrying out dialogues and communications among Asian-European countries in the fields of Scientific-Technological Innovations and will make efforts on promoting the transferring from innovations to commercial appliances among those countries

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