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Computer tool creation that aims to achieve energy efficiency in a region of China by optimizing geothermal energy in the rehabilitation and energy facilities construction.

2017-05-18 16:05      Release party: ASEM CCSTI

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The project seeks to create a computer tool to

implement energy saving measures in a region of China

(still to be defined), according to geomorphological and

constructive resources, considering geothermal energy

and rehabilitation, in a map of valorisation by region, with

savings and environmental benefits.

Considering that the energy cost implies important

increasingly expenses due to the strong rise in the price of

electricity and / or the upward trend in fuel costs, we are

trying to work in the line of supporting measures to help

reducing them.

Likewise, from the environmental point of view, the

commitment to the use of renewable energies is

strengthened. The demand for energy in buildings

depends on many variables, but the air conditioning

represents a significant percentage, and that is why

finding an efficient system for the air conditioning of

buildings leads to significant economic savings. Besides,

as long as the new solution is based on renewable energy,

there is a strong contribution to environmental


In existing buildings, development will focus on both

indoor and the thermal enclosures, since just with

improvements in thermal insulation, energy savings of up


to 70% can be achieved.

That is why rehabilitation is particularly important in

the search for the energy efficiency required by legislation

and it produces significant energy and savings economic.

GEOTER would carry out the energy rehabilitation with

geothermal energy, and would need a company that will

be responsible for building rehabilitation, as well as the

development of the computer tool.

Eventually, the project's goal is to optimize buildings

in two ways: first, by improving the thermal cover to

reduce energy losses, and second by using renewable

energy such as geothermal energy to reduce the demand

of energy coming from fossil fuels.

The joint application of energy and building

rehabilitation allows promoting efficiency measures, which

should be applied according to the characteristics of the

different regions; so it will be necessary to generate a

reliable data set that allows the efficient application of this

energy optimization from both the economic and the

energy point of view. To this end, a tool will be developed

for the analysis of potential energy saving combinations

based on the interaction of the different technologies and

the available resources.

Among the innovative elements of this project, it

should be noted that there will be an analysis of the

energy saving potential that will correlate the reduction of

demand with the inclusion of a renewable technology of

high potential and performance, such as low enthalpy

geothermal energy. It will also develop a tool to collect

this result and ease the design and optimization of

rehabilitation measures and sustainable construction and

implementation of geothermal facilities.

In addition, this project offers the possibility of

creating plans to promote energy saving measures that

jointly contemplate rehabilitation and geothermal actions,

assessing their suitability together.

It is of great interest to know the potential of low

enthalpy geothermal energy and to develop a

methodology for implementation in the target areas, since

in many countries where geothermal energy is widely

diffused, it there is a lack of these studies, which has been

identified as one of the main causes that slow execution of

geothermal installations down.


Transportation Science and Technology Innovation    Renewable energy Energy efficiency technology Environment technology






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